Car Parking Tips – Melbourne Airport

If you are a traveler arriving into or departing from an international airport, we suggest planning ahead when parking in the vicinity of the airport. If you have never used airport car parking services before, the following tips will come in handy.

Off-Site Parking

If you want to save money on airport parking services, instead of opting to leave your vehicle at the airport – also known as on-site parking, we suggest parking your automobile off-site or out of airport property. Off-site parking is recommended because it is significantly cheaper. The only disadvantage of this type of parking is that you will have to use a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

When booking off-site parking lots, make sure you do a thorough online search and look for discounted rates or coupons from various airport parking services providers. Long term parking at the airport is very convenient because it’s near the airport, but tends to be more expensive. For those traveling with a disability, there is also a shuttle service available to pick you up to and from the terminal. These shuttle buses operate seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Park and Fly Option

Another option worth mentioning when it comes to airport parking is the “Park and Fly” option that is typically offered by some hotels where travelers can spend the night before or after a flight. Travelers will find interesting that the hotel rates, along with parking at the hotel property, is similar in price compared to just parking in a lot at the airport.

Precautions during Car Parking

When you have selected your airport parking service, you should consider the following precautions. For example, make sure you remember your parking space, secure the vehicle and ensure that all valuables are taken out, put a sun shade in the front window of vehicle and make the reservation with the shuttle. Also, you should estimate the amount of extra time needed to pass through security once you reach the airport.

When you are arriving back home, you should know how often the airport shuttle takes passengers back to their parking areas and if it takes you directly to your parking spot. You should also write down the phone number of service you are doing business with in case you forget which shuttle to take. You should always be able to reach them in case you need any information.

If you are just coming to pick or drop an individual at an airport, there is absolutely no need to use short or long term parking services. Traveling unprepared is never a good idea. Instead of thinking about airport parking on the day of your departure, you should consider booking a parking space in time. That way, you will enjoy a lot less stress than if you were unprepared. Although these tips are simple, they can help you ensure you travel without any hassle. If you are interested in additional information, especially regarding Airport parking Melbourne please visit their site.