3 Ways Machu Picchu Changes You

Looking for a new change? Eager to start the next chapter in the book of your life? Throughout the years, we rediscover new things about ourselves and the world around us. From cultural changes to personal transitions, every moment is a chance to redefine how we show up every single day. A meaningful existence is marked by the powerful decisions we make and how we transform in response to them. For many, planning a trip abroad is a perfect opportunity for growth as an individual. New cultures, landscapes and foods pique the interest and curiosity within, granting access to the same traits that inspire growth and change.

One of the hottest places to travel to is Peru; complete with rolling hills, desert scapes, lively nightlife and world class cuisine. Historical monuments and grandiose sculptures will bring powerful perspective into your life. As you gaze upon the sites, your mind will be nurtured with inspiring and encouraging thoughts. Book a Machu Picchu tour to take full advantage of everything the country, and your new chapter, has to offer.

Here are three ways that Machu Picchu changes you from the inside out:

Your Ego is Checked at the Door


If there’s anything more true about traveling to Peru, it’s that you are forced to be outside of your comfort zone all of the time. Language barriers prevent you from easily navigating the city and new maps are sure to be a confusing process for any visitor. By ultimately surrendering to the circumstances and common frustrations of international travel, your ego is checked at the door. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world will be brought to light as you understand lifestyles are different everywhere you go.

Challenge yourself to implement local habits into your daily routine while on vacation. You may find that a change of pace is what you needed! Nothing calms a stressful moment like gazing upon the massive peaks and valleys of Machu Picchu. Explore the Machu Picchu and Rio de Janeiro tour to immerse yourself in the history of Peru. Education centers around the sites are a great place to learn about the inhabitants of Peru, as well as recognizing that we all share the human experience.

You Rediscover Your True Self

Machu Picchu is a powerful metaphor for stability and strength. Knowing yourself at the core is the same metaphor that empowers and elevates you, just as the peaks stand tall today at Machu Picchu. When you remove all aspects of familiarity from your surroundings, you are only left with yourself. How do you naturally present yourself to the world when your typical structures are gone? Who are you at the core? Peru is a hub of art, fashion, gastronomy and expression; allow your blank canvas to be lit up with new experiences and ways of being. As you indulge your senses, recognize the thoughts and ideas that arise in response that are quintessentially you. By honoring what you consistently think and feel, and as your environment changes, you will remember what makes you unique.

Cultivate curiosity in all things you do; acknowledge your inner spirit and enjoy the multitude of experiences from a place of vulnerable self-awareness. Machu Picchu is a perfect spot to meditate on what connects you back to your true self. Artists often take inspiration from their time abroad, finding a beautiful muse in the sites, sounds and imagery that surrounds them.

Life Begins to Appear More Colorful


After you’ve shaken the foundations of your previous self, and gained the powerful insight to unite with your genuine spirit, allow the path to take you as you choose. Dive deep into the coastlines and beaches of Peru to witness some of the most beautiful sea creatures on the planet. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and be swept off your feet with astounding architecture of ancient civilizations. Browse the numerous art galleries and street art that locals have hand crafted to creative perfection. Sink your teeth into fresh, flavorful dishes served up in both quaint and extravagant eateries sprinkled across the city. Be open to the melody of a new language while listening to locals, slowly speaking the phrases you’ve naturally picked up as your trip goes on.

Connect with a new and, surprisingly, familiar part of yourself that felt hidden but was there all along. Machu Picchu, and the energy of Peru, will change its visitors for the rest of their lives; discover that hidden magic in you.